Explores the actual physicality of the planning process and how this ambiguity of this process is shown in the land. In this series I monitored over 200 sites going through this planning process in the town of Enniscrone and the general Southern Sligo region in Ireland, over a period of a year.

From house extensions, pathway improvements and renovations to radical alterations of the landscape like the creation of wind farms, large housing developments and commercial activities.

Three distinct places are depicted, the new housing estate, the town and the landscape. People don’t appear in the documentations, the emptiness of each scene combined with the detail and clarity seeks to create an almost surreal impression. Images that reflect on human habitation in the landscape through its marks, interruptions and effects of development

Commissioned by Sligo County Council under their series of public art works, Unravelling Developments 2004-2006.



INSTALLATION-Enniscrone 2005

Also completed as part of the commission was the production of a publication and newspaper interventions by way of  advertisements, in the property sections of local newspapers, public talks and the installation of four large-scale billboard images outside the village during the summer of 2005