A Room Without a View

During my travels as a photographer, the process of photographing the view from my hotel bedroom window gives me momentary pause to gather my thoughts, to make a gesture to my surroundings, to record what is often the banal. The act also connects me to my temporary home or shelter, documenting my engagement with an otherwise transitional, neutral space. The view from the hotel room, a room often located at a height over the surrounding landscape, connects the viewer to the world beyond the often-safe cocoon of the temporary room. There is the landscape that greets you in the morning, or the view that you see last thing at night.

These photographs offer us a snapshot into the fleeting nature of hotel life, a window onto a landscape that is as brief as the time you spend in each hotel. It is a equally a view that is shared with other guests multiple times.

The capture of the scene from the hotel window gives us a glimpse into a moment in time, a landscape that for a short time is called home.