For Those That Tell No Tales

-Work in Progress July 2020

Between 1919 and 1921, almost 1,400 people died in the struggle for the recognition of an independent and free Ireland. Cork and its county saw the bloodiest of the fighting, in total 528 people lost their lives directly due to the conflict.

Beyond the recognised memorials to the volunteers and major landmarks of significance there are many more sites where men, women, children, members of the British forces and Irish Volunteers lost their lives and are not acknowledged or marked in any way.

My photographic focus on these overlooked and unmarked sites gives a timely, unnerving presence and look to reassert these lost lives into the history and its interpretation of this troubled time. 

A way of projecting the past into the present.

This photographic project is a creative response to a long term study and investigation by the University College Cork’s, Dept of History into the sites and places where people lost their lives during the Irish War of Independence:

This project has also been made possible by the kind assistance and support from Cork Public Museum


And generously grant aided by the Department of Arts, Culture and the Gaeltacht, in conjunction with the Crawford Art Gallery:

This project is to be realised as a publication and exhibition at the Crawford Art Gallery in May 2021 For Those That Tell No Tales