By the Way

In last number of years Ireland has seen unprecedented growth and prosperity.

The new nationwide motorway system, a symbol of this growth, which links the main areas of population densities, is dramatically changing the topographical landscape of the country forever.

Between 2001-2003 I documented the borderlands or margins of the new motorway system and the existing hinterland and how this change is leaving its permanent mark on the landscape. The photos show snippets of landscape, not as an illustration of reality but rather as images of a potential reality of this landscape. The somewhat disorientating photographs show us places that we do not know about, too transitional to be nature, places whose initial function we have long forgotten about, even if they have retained traces of it. What interests me and what I photograph is the appropriation of such places, and traces of activities reveal them in their true nature, and restore a new reality to them. These are mutations of the landscape: which through new and often fleeting uses take on a different meaning, a meaning that the observer can deduce through their own experiences.


Install Photos- Draoicht Arts Centre Dublin-2003